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Friday, January 14, 2011

Veil, Shoes, Chair Sashes.. check!

I picked up my chair sashes (as shown in the previous owner's photo) on Wednesday night. They're very much a yellow gold and I was wondering whether I would have been better off with a "Champagne" or even just plain "Ivory" but mum and I talked about it and she said that maybe the paler colours would 'lack' colour, and that the gold will atleast stand out. And it doesn't clash with my dress, so that's good. I'm just still unsure. I'm reserving judgement until we do a table mockup.

Then yesterday I went over to mum's to work on my veil. Got side tracked on my shopping trip to buy a hair comb to attach to said veil and ended up buying shoes for the whole (girl half of the) wedding party! I love a bargain, and while my sister and I were waiting for Kmart to print out my photos (pictures of my hair/flowers/dress/cake to give to the hairdresser/florist/MIL etc) we were planning to walk over to Spotlight to buy some tulle (to practise on before touching my veil!) and a hair comb. And we did.. but not before walking past Williams and seeing a SALE stand. Of course we had to stop and take a look, and what did we find? Some gold satin peep toe slingbacks, and some black peep toe strappy heels marked down to $30! And incase that wasn't an excellent price already, it was "buy one pair, get the 2nd pair half price"! So we bought both pairs of black heels (and fingers crossed that one pair fits MrsMcD!!), the gold slingbacks and a pair of pearly coloured flower girl shoes.. all for less than $100! And even better, when we got back to mum's and pulled out the pearls, they match the shoes perfectly! 

Not to mention that at Spotlight when we were buying tulle, I found some adhesive pearls that I thought were approximately the right colour (perfect match, actually!!) to embellish the veil comb, but there are so many in the pack that I will have enough to consider bling-ing my shoes up. Speaking of my veil, we got as far as finishing the gathering when it was time for me to head home for the night, but the plan is to hopefully finish it off tonight so that it's complete and ready to take to my hair trial on Monday morning!


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