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Monday, January 31, 2011

Being a bride..

It's hard being a bride! One minute I think I have it all figured out, and the next minute I'm at sixes and sevens again! I've been working my way through some of the loose ends.. trying to narrow down those bible readings, trying to decide on the songs, getting the bridal shower sorted out with my girlfriends etc.. So far I'm still stuck in the mud, but as far as the bridal shower goes we're all catching up for a 'playdate' tomorrow morning and the plan is to hammer out the date & time for the bridal shower and what the girls need/want to do. So that's kind of exciting.

But going back to the vacillating... I bought my chair sashes despite my misgivings over the sunny yellow gold colour (compared to the muted soft gold of my dress/shoes) and figured that I'd make adjustments to my colour scheme to make it work. Not that I really had a colour scheme other than the dresses. So tonight my MIL and I were talking about the bomboniere as she is providing the soap, and she suggested that we wrap the soap using some pretty paper.. and to cut a long story short, I pulled out the pictures of my flowers/chair sashes etc and she's also expressed concern about the full-on goldness of the sashes. So I showed her some pictures from the venue with the chair sashes and she liked the pictures with the white organza sashes.. so we went hunting on ebay and I showed her some that we could get for ~$40 for 50 sashes (including shipping) and she's offered to buy some white ones instead and we'll just sell off the gold ones.

And so ensued a discussion of colour schemes.. for paper and table runners and flowers and whatnot.. So even though I just told Chantelle (the florist) that I wanted to stick with all cream flowers, now we're reconsidering shades of pink & purple for the lisianthus (as originally planned!) with the cream roses.. and then carrying through the shades of pink & purple into the paper for the placecards/table numbers and paper to wrap the soap, napkins, table runners etc.

Now I'm temporarily feeling a little chaotic and destabilised.. not because I have a problem with the changes, but I just need to get it all 'straight' in my head again.


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