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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ebridal expo..

So off to the expo we went.. mum, the kidlets and I..  right before our 4.5 hour drive to Geraldton! Luckily, even though I forgot to get their snacks out of the car, there was free popcorn, free slushy samples and cupcakes for sale. Bribery goes a long way with the kids.. and it helped that practically every stand had a huge dish of candy.

As previously mentioned I had $500 in vouchers to spend at the expo and a list of about a dozen things I was interested in spending them on. About 80% of those things weren't available. I *did* put down a $100 deposit with Sugar Blue Burlesque, and have now handed over the booking details/responsibility to my Matron of Honour Mrs McD.

I spent another $100 at The Luxury Shop on some freshwater pearl jewelry (including some earrings I was hoping would be my perfect wedding earrings, but they were too long and the wrong colour). We had some trouble finding other things we could buy and "take straight home", so we put down $200 to spend at Put it Out There on wedding and/or hen's stuff and the last $100 I ended up blowing on personalised chocolates for my hen's night from Amanda Dwyer. All in all, a pretty successful outing.


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