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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ziph and I were having trouble finding a *good* wedding photographer in Geraldton. Sure, there are lots of photographers up there, but considering what a technical snob (I mean that affectionately) Ziph is, we can't just use anyone with a pretty facebook page.. their actual work has to be good. So that cut the field down significantly.. and the good photographers hide themselves pretty well - they don't tend to come up in google searches for "Wedding Photographer Geraldton"! But we managed to find two. Yes, only two. So we contacted them both to find out if they were available, and to get quotes etc. The first photographer was Carrie Young. She's located in Geraldton, but upon receiving her pricelist it became apparent that she wasn't going to be within our price range.. but that was ok, because Ziph actually preferred photographer #2, Dani from Wheatbelt Photography.. so we were very happy when we received her email reply and not only was she available, but she was definitely in the ball park price-wise! Yay!

So we arranged a meeting with her here in Perth last week and had a talk about what we wanted and what she offers and looked through one of her wedding albums etc.. Dani & Ziph also had a nice little chat about photography equipment (which went straight over my head, but I smiled and nodded when I thought it might be appropriate!). So when we got home I emailed her to confirm that we are definitely keen to have her as our wedding photographer and now I'm just waiting on her to send through her booking/agreement form etc so that we can get it all locked in! Fingers crossed.


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