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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I just don't get it. When my dress arrived at the beginning of November, the modesty panel at the back of my dress was ~2.5cm/an inch from being able to do up. So I was thinking that once I got back into the swing of Biggest Loser that I'd lose another few centimetres and it would all be sweet as. But I had my Biggest Loser pre-appraisal today in preparation for next week and not only have I managed to lose another kilogram since my appraisal at the start of December (not to mention losing the 2kg or so I put on over Christmas, but that doesn't really count towards my measurements seeing as I gained them and lost them again, right?) but I've also lost another 4cm off my bust, 2cm off my waist and 5cm off my hips. And yet when I tried on my dress in Geraldton last week, we still didn't get the modesty panel sorted out. *sigh*

But on the plus side, I've now got 8 weeks of 3x intense 1 hour training sessions, plus the occasional 40 min walk with my MIL to hopefully lose the last 7kg and a few more centimetres. My goal? To conquer the modesty panel! (Only because it wouldn't look quite as effective without it.. somehow seeing my corset underneath doesn't seem very alluring to me!

I'm pretty psyched about Biggest Loser starting again.


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