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Friday, November 26, 2010

I am the Biggest Loser!

Well, no actually, I wasn't.. but at the completion of the Biggest Loser Challenge at my local Shapes Health Club I had lost a total of 6.5kg during the 12 week program, and a whopping 12.3kg since I joined the gym in April 2010. Only 7.7kg until my wedding goal! (I'm a bit concerned about a Christmas-relapse, but as long as I can keep it to ~2kg I think it'll be ok.)

So ideally I'd like to lose the whole 7.7kg between now and the wedding, but given that Christmas is in the middle, I'd settle for 5kg+ (plus whatever I put on over Christmas). Definitely plan to sign up for the next Biggest Loser Challenge in February - just in time for the wedding!


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