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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Expo

There's a wedding expo on this weekend, and I've convinced Ziph that if he comes to this one, I won't make him go to the next one in August (different expo).. I really want to go today, so that we can get it done, and then he can spend the rest of his weekend doing what he wants. I just know that if we wait until tomorrow, time will get away from us (no, I really mean him) and it'll be 4pm (and it finishes at 5pm) before we get there, and I'll be stressed and cranky and he'll decide the whole going to an expo together thing was clearly a bad idea.
But the whole point of going together is so that I can get an idea of what *he* likes, and so he can get an idea of how much effort goes into planning a wedding, AND that it's NOT OK to wait until 2 weeks before the wedding to book things. Seriously. I know the wedding is still 10 months away, and that seems like forever (to him! I feel like time is slipping away already!) but the more we book *now* (while I'm cool, calm and collected ;) ), the less we have to worry about closer to the time (when my stress levels are astronomical!).


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