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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well it's about time!

So it only took us 10 years and 2 children to get around to the engagement part of the proceedings, but to give Ziph credit, when he finally gets around to something, he doesn't mess around!

He chose our 10th anniversary for his proposal, which I must admit has a certain poetry to it.. we left the kids with Grandma and went for dinner at a nice little Indian place that we like. Our original celebration plans had been a picnic dinner at the park where we first met, but it was raining, hence the dining in ;) But while we were eating the rain cleared up, and by the time we got to the park the stars were out and it was really rather beautiful (if somewhat cold!) so out came the picnic rug and a warm blanket and we set about exchanging our anniversary gifts..

Given our twisted sense of humour, I decided to incorporate the traditional gift for a 10th anniversary into my gift to Ziph.. tin. And no, I didn't give him a tin of baked beans.. they aren't made of tin. I ultimately ended up at the hardware store explaining myself to the very helpful owner, who was somewhat amused by my quest. I wanted *real* tin, and refused to budge, and subsequently ended up with a 50% lead/50% tin solder rod. $9.95, bargain. Fortunately for me, Ziph thought it was hilarious. Said solder rod is now sitting in our laundry, still mostly wrapped and unlikely to ever be used for soldering. But that wasn't the point! My other gifts were some Toblerone chocolate, and a bottle of wine - the same brand that we first discovered/started drinking when we first started dating.

After he opened his gifts, it was my turn.. and you'll never guess it.. oh, ok.. so he asked me to marry him! Seeing as I already technically was in possession of my (until that moment pseudo-) engagement ring, he presented me with a 14kt Pandora charm for my bracelet and moved my engagement ring onto my ring finger.

We quickly decided that getting engaged entailed planning an actual wedding.. most likely within 12 months - infact, wouldn't it be nice to get married on our anniversary next year? It keeps things so nice and neat..

So let the wedding planning begin!


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